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Our Mission is to Create an All-Communities Curriculum and Conversation on Racial Healing, Understanding and Empathy.

Season after season, year after year, we hear the call for a “national dialogue” on the subject of Race Relations in the United States. Typically after something has gone tragically wrong. Discussions suggested presumably with the best of intentions by newscasters who know we’ll soon move to the next disaster. In any case, in a nation of 325.7 million people that’s damn near impossible. We believe that the best hope for “racial healing, understanding and empathy” lies within small, neighborhood groups. Groups of people that by and large that already exist. Fulfilling their mission. In familiar spaces. Storefronts, schools, places of worship. Civic groups. Book clubs. Travel clubs. For-Purpose-Organizations. Homes.

One early Grace Park RVA goal is to develop a first design of guide- and work-books to facilitate a discussion about race. (These documents will be consistently updated as lessons are learned.) Talking about race is [expletive deleted] hard for everyone. That’s a good indication of how serious and how important this issue is to all and each of us. Grace Park will provide these and addition materials to the neighborhood group. Included will be an assessment (members’ eyes only) to understand our inate biases and preconceptions. Password protected (members only) platforms encourage members to share. Personal Stories. Current events. Questions and discussion. Each group will have the opportunity to share with every other group. Please join us for our next meeting at the ACME Bowling Alley. There is an exhibit of art from the Congo at Virginia Museum. Who’d like to have lunch and visit the museum with me? From time to time Grace Park will organize all-groups socials. Probably at craft breweries.

We are frankly without many (any) resources so anything you have to share to build and grow this idea is greatly appreciated. If you’ve got it – in terms of time or talent – we certainly need some of that. Grace Park is “crowd everything” by design. The only way we’re going to get different communities to talk is – from the very beginning and throughout – is by “crowd creating” the mechanisms that will allow and promote the discussion of race. The first three containers we see (and you certainly may see others) are Classroom, Library and Newsroom. If any or all of this strikes a chord with you — let’s chat. Drop us a line.