Afterword 🎧

That’s about it. Might I give you an e-hug and/or an e-high-five for getting here to this page? Truth be told, I’ve read through all this more than a few times and I’ve drifted away more than once or twice. Can’t resist the videos. I’ll get back to writing now so you can get back to reading. Then you write and share your thoughts and I’ll have the pleasure of reading them. It’s a joint enterprise.

That’s about it.  Somewhere in all of this I hope you’ve found something worthwhile for you and your family. It is my belief — my fervent hope — that in this “Age of Chaos” in which we find ourselves, reasonable people, neighbors with the same hopes and dreams, can gather quietly in small shops and cafes, schools and places of worship, to listen and talk about what it means to be Asian, Hispanic, Black, White in America; yesterday, today and tomorrow. To be but one human being in the entire glorious mix of humanity. We have different histories. We share a common future.

That’s about it. GraceParkRVA must (by definition and mission) be about the diverse crowd. We believe in crowd-everything … crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and most importantly, crowd-creation of Grace Park. I’ve scribbled down my thoughts. Now it’s your turn, si vous plait.  Please follow us, share your comments, fill our inbox, write a posting, recommend a book. Let us know where to go, what we need, and how you’re going to help us get there. As said elsewhere, “This is a stick-up. Give us your time, your money, your creativity and your passion.”

That’s about it. Have you heard the story of the stranger who visited the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House one Sunday morning? The appointed time came and all remained silent. Not a sound. Hear-the-birds-chirping-in-the-trees silent. No one said a word! Time passed. Finally the unknowing stranger leaned over to a member of the congregation and quietly whispered, “when does the service begin?” The Friend replied, “when the meeting ends.”

That’s about it. People coming together to make better something which has scarred  America since before we became America.   ~~ End of Meeting ~~

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