Classrooms in a Network of Learning 🎧


In schools and universities, community centers and storefronts, throughout our neighborhoods, we will create classes in a network of learning. We’ll list new and existing opportunities here at along with the thoughts of those who participated in these classes, if they so choose. We want to increase the visibility of the opportunities and provide a platform for discussion. In addition, will work with area universities to design and produce forums on racial healing, understanding and empathy.

Proposed classes / workshops / forums include:

Book Clubs

Race & Religion

Grace Park RVA Class Projects

The History and Influence of Race in Local Politics

Jackson Ward, Harlem of the South

The History of the Monuments

Radio, Television, Media & Race

Constitution of the Confederate States

African American Slave Trade: Ship & Records

White Privilege, Affirmative Action

Mass Incarceration, Private Prison System

Opioid (health response) v. Crack Cocaine (legal response)

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