Racial Storytelling

You need not do Great Things but the little things you are doing in your sphere of influence can be done with great conviction, great wisdom, great beauty and great love.

When I tell you the monuments used to be green,
I know what I’m talking about.

The Little Monuments in Grace Park will tell the stories of the women and men that in simply living their lives day-to-day created the history we were taught, the history we believe. The thought is to continue this tradition of storytelling, shaped in terms of racial understanding, empathy and healing.

From our current safe places — the church, school, social & civic club, the networking group, the office and most importantly, our homes — can we talk about race? Can we reach out to a similar group that does not look like us or live near us? And honesty tell our stories. More importantly, listen to their stories.

If we create a citywide curriculum, can we use Little Monuments in Grace Park, renaming schools and highways, symbols throughout the city each as a “class project” in a Community Curriculum in Racial Healing, Understanding and Empathy? Meeting in small groups — rational, respectful people who grow and share and come to a better understanding.

Those 25 Little Monuments fell out of my little brain. By naturally developing racially-diverse groups around the city willing to contribute, think of all the incredible ideas that will be developed. Local writers creating each monuments script; players telling the stories; sculptors creating each scene.

We begin our conversation by telling our stories and listening to the stories of others.

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